Our team

Ms Vidya Doraiswamy

Founder-director of Endeavor Extended Learning Services.

When we talk about children with special needs, our focus usually is on their challenges. To bring a change in this outlook I started Endeavor which is an attempt to look at their amazing strengths and immense potential.

In my 2 decades of experience, I have realised that every country has its share of unique expertise and it is my intention to bring this all together to offer the best and most complete intervention to our students. I firmly believe that education cannot be compartmentalized, it has to be a multidisciplinary approach with all components delivered in sync with one another. This leads to true learning and all our programs are designed on this basic philosophy. Apart from applying principles of special education, speech and communication therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, we derive information from every imaginable avenue in rehabilitation- instrumental enrichment (FIE), acupressure, Vojta therapy, Reiki, movement therapy, conductive education, sensory integration therapy, counselling etc.

Our team: The people who make a difference…

Our team which is constantly growing, currently comprises of twenty eight talented, energetic teachers with years of experience and expertise in various disciplines like psychology, special education, Montessori, information technology and graduates from science and commerce streams. Committed and professional in their approach their loving care and involvement adds spice to the recipe of good teaching.