For the love of the language

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Over the years that I have been working with children, I have noticed a growing trend of learning for exams rather than for the love of the subject, especially English. The beauty of the language and the subtle nuances it offers for the reader to revel in is lost. While the children are adept in pointing out the threads of grammar, they seem to be missing the implied meaning in the text.

I fondly remember my father reading out the works of William Wordsworth every night before we went to sleep. The depth of what he explained did not reach to us but the depth of our appreciation for him did. The bond which develops is something that no amount of toys or goodies can buy. And this is only the fringe benefit, the main benefit being the way in which these children take to recreational reading.

Recreational reading is often a neglected entity and to some parents it is even a waste of quality time. Here are some thoughts on recreational reading compiled from the internet:

  • When students read books of their own choosing, they are likely to be more motivated, independent readers. The ultimate goal is to encourage motivated, skilled readers who choose to read widely and who develop lifelong reading habits.
  • Recreational reading also has social benefits . It increases the social awareness of readers as they become open-minded and more knowledgeable of other cultures .
  •  Studies show that recreational reading also makes individuals more involved in their communities. This could be attributed to books which tackle the importance of helping others and making the world a better place.
  • Recreational reading also helps in developing the social skills of children by sharing with others what they learn.
  • Recreational reading improves students’ reading achievement and attitudes.
  • On a long haul flight, while others are bored and don’t know what to do, there is an activity which the children can do and what more they pick up incidental knowledge and spelling, and grammar.

It is to be noted that the field of children’s book reading behaviors is a complex arena.Key research topics related to self-selected reading include analysis of text features, genre awareness and preferences, selection processes, gender differences, developmental aspects, ability issues, and motivational factors.

I would encourage parents to replace part of their kid’s Television/ computer time with reading for fun time so that they learn to appreciate the art of writing, the rhythm in words and the beauty of the language.

Let me conclude this article with the saying “Reading is a corner stone for success”. Let us contribute to this cause by being role models!

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