About us

Endeavor Extended Learning Services is an initiative to address the unique learning style and individualistic needs of every child and provide remedial intervention to Underachievers in class and children with special needs especially those with Developmental delays, Learning Disabilities, mild to moderate ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome.

Researchers in the field of education have proven that no two children learn the same way and to the same extent given the exact same learning environment. Often times we realise that the real challenge does not lie in learning but in teaching. The act of learning can be made interesting especially when enhanced with mindful teaching and loads of fun activities.

At Endeavor we strive to provide the students with learning experiences which will enhance their motivational levels, target behavioural presentations, support accommodations and administer remediation when necessary.

It is our mission to provide the additional support weaved into their class routine in order to maximize their learning within school timings so that their playtime is not compromised and they have ample opportunities to engage in outdoor games which teach them social values in an indiscreet manner.

In the words of John Dewey, the famous psychologist and educationist “Education is not a preparation for life, it is life itself!” and we want to make the process fun and easy.