Head start

The focus of this unit is to encourage the children of ages 3- 6 to learn to communicate, play, and interact with others in a socially appropriate manner. Typically we use a monthly theme and weave in the concepts of language, math and concepts of daily living through it. Music, art, free play and organized play are used as means to reinforce and stabilize the concepts learnt.

Middle school

The children in this group (ages 7- 13) have a definite formal diagnosis and have an underlying neurological/ genetic impairment that interferes with their performance in a class setting. We follow a partial inclusion model where the core subjects are delivered on a one on one mode in the special educational unit and the allied subjects are delivered in the mainstream environment along with their peer group. The huge advantage of this stream is that the students do not require extra intervention in academic subjects after school hours and hence get a substantial amount of time to play. Play is vital for overall development of a child as it promotes planning and organizing and instils social skills such as turn taking, sharing etc.


We tutor the students who take up the board exams through the National open school. The students who have completed 14 years are eligible to register for secondary exams. The advantage of this mode of learning is that it offers a good choice of subjects and the basic course study requires one language plus four core subjects.


The focus of this unit is to teach the curriculum at a pace and in a mode which enables the children to understand the concepts and apply it adequately. This is primarily a one on one intervention. The curriculum delivery and assessment of the subject is handled by the Endeavor team in close consultation with the Grade level supervisor. Typically, a student who faces challenges in a particular subject receives remediation in the special education unit for that subject while otherwise he/she is part of a mainstream class.